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Microbiology is the study of unicellular, multi-cellular and acellular microorganisms and their respective impact and contribution to the environment. There are many fields in Microbiology which include the more applied disciplines such as Medical, Public Health, Industrial, Clinical Research, Agriculture, Nanotechnology, Chemical Technology and Food & Dairy Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Physiology and Genetics are examples of basic fields. Increasingly, molecular and genomic methods for studying microbes are being used in Microbiology. The objective of our course is to produce intellectual and proficient microbiologists. The B.Sc Microbiology is a 3 year course with 6 semesters and the M.Sc Microbiology course is a 2 year course with 4 semesters with well verified and acknowledged facilities of the same specialization. Microbiology Syllabus trains the students to harness their theoretical knowledge and practical training in Microbiology.



After completion of M.Sc. Microbiology course, the students can study further to enhance their qualification. If the student holds an interest in research then they may pursue either M. Phil. or Ph.D. in Microbiology.


Post completion of the course, the students have various career options to make a successful career in top companies in both private and public sectors such Pharmaceutical Industries, Universities, Laboratories, Private Hospitals, Research Organizations, Environmental Agencies, Food Industry, Beverage Industry, Chemical Industries, Agriculture Department as:

  • Microbiologist
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Research field
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Research Assistant
  • Food, Industrial or Environmental Microbiologists
  • Quality Assurance Technologists
  • Clinical and Veterinary Microbiologists
  • Quality control Microbiologist
  • Teaching faculty

Message from HOD

Microbiology is both a basic and applied science subject that imparts knowledge about various microorganisms. A Microbiologist learns and explores the unseen world of microbes’ everyday much like an adventure and finds answers to various questions related to different process that occurs in the world. Department offers both UG and PG courses in Microbiology. The students  entering this course  receive an in-depth knowledge of microorganisms through the theory classes as well as from the laboratory sessions. Department has well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty  and I am proud of the outstanding  performance of my students. My students actively engaged in projects in Microbiology under the guidance of faculty in the department. Choosing a career in Microbiology can be highly rewarding as it makes a difference to society, nation and the world at large. Many job or career opportunities exist in various sectors and in different levels for Microbiology students. Pursuing Microbiology is truly an experience of a lifetime and it matters now more than ever. If you are interested in learning about Microbiology and explore as a Microbiologist, I welcome you to join department.

Ms. Loretta Alvarez